The Maternity Ward is open once again

We are waiting on two girls to give birth. Osnat is due on the 12th of September. She will be 153 days on that date. Goat gestation is 150 days, so I am guessing that it will be anytime soon.

She is big and I am trying not to duck outside every half hour to check her bottom for a show. It is only day 148 after all. Poor thing probably thinks my owner is obsessed or possessed or both. Let’s face it. I am just a crazy old goat lady who loves her animals.

I cannot wait for the babies to be born and am looking forward to what will be popping out shortly, despite my anxiety and grief at not knowing where we are going to be going despite searching for a suitable abode since May this year. I am literally exhausted and need to find a place within 31 days from today or before so we can move in and I need to find it no more than half an hour from Labertouche Primary School. I must find a place and raise money to move. It has been the most stressful year out so far and I can see it is going to get a lot more stressful.

I had the most horrendous experience in Queensland seeing my mother and receiving abuse upon abuse from my  SIL in Queensland along with my brother and his children for no good reason, except that she has a problem and wants to give it to me. Funny that you would solve your problems by giving others problems because you are in a spiteful and out of sorts mood. Let’s not go there.

We are trying to find a home and finance for myself, my son and our goats and two cats. The goat population is about to explode, but they are useful little critters. They give milk and they give meat from the boys we cannot keep as bucks. Anyway this is my first post back and I do want to write a post on the importance of raw milk over pasteurised milk and give a few links on it.

Now some pics to enjoy.

Goats at Bunyip Toggie Blinky Bill on top as per usual the Best fresh parsley Toggie Blinky Bill on top as per usual The goats coated for winter Two girls in unison Osnat and Devori her daughter


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